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Enebbe’s Quality Suppliers

We are here to help identifying your next online high-quality, healthy and sustainable Enebbe 4 Star personal product selection – sourced and produced directly from QLD Australia.

Kehoe’s Kitchen

Established in 2013 Kehoe’s Kitchen is Australia’s first certified organic producer of probiotic cashew dips, sauerkraut, kimchi and fermented vegetables. Kehoe’s Kitchen proudly supports Australian farmers, processing tonnes of locally grown produce daily, by regularly providing free feed to livestock farmers, and sourcing their spices, packaging and supplies from Australian businesses.

Lang’s Gourmet

Lang’s Gourmet is well-loved by anyone who loves to transform their meal into a creation. Lang’s Gourmet produces a range of 30 totally delicious gourmet dressings, sauces, jams, chutneys and condiments. Everything is made with Australian, all-natural ingredients (no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives), and is also gluten and dairy free.

Queen Garnet by Nutrafruit

Nutrafruit believes wellbeing and taste go hand in hand. With the support of Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries, Nutrafruit is dedicated to the development of scientifically backed natural products, with the potential to be ‘best in class’. Because the journey to a richer, fuller life, starts on the inside.

CC's Kitchen

CC’s Kitchen is a producer of a wonderful range of jams, pickles and condiments. By using what begins in the fertile ground of a small Woolooga property, 45km West of Gympie Cecilia “CC” Diaz-Petersen is adding to the foodie world with her mouth-watering range of fine foods.

CC’s Kitchen specialises in rosella products made from rosella fruit grown on the farm. Syrups, jams, dried rosella flowers as well as fresh fruit are available for purchase amongst CC’s vast range direct from the farm, by mail order or from many of the markets and stores that stocks CC’s products.