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Specialty Food Information From ENEBBE

Enebbe is committed to match premium expectations. Specialty 4-STAR Chef Selections are made to offer our customers great quality choice, locally sourced natural ingredients as a priority and popular options with organic or vegan ranges.

Enebbe would like to take part or help with how the issues of sustainability, health and wellness, and convenience will inspire formulation, packaging, marketing and more concerns in the years to come. “In 2019, support of and demand for more corporate sustainability programs will grow as consumers better understand what’s required to get closer to achieving a truly circular food and drink economy. These sustainability efforts will include not only improving access to recycling but creating products with ingredients that are grown in accordance to regenerative agriculture practices.” Jenny Zegler, associate director, Mintel Food & Drink. More food and drink will address longevity-related health concerns, be marketed with positive language that rejects terms like ‘anti-ageing’ for its negative connotations, and appeal across ages.

Evergreen Consumption? What is it about?

The definition of sustainability is extending to encompass the entire product lifecycle. From farm to retailer to fork to bin and, ideally, to rebirth as a new plant, ingredient, product or package, this 360-degree approach will ensure resources are kept in use for as long as possible. The movement towards circularity as the new sustainability will require collaboration between suppliers, manufacturers, governments, non-profits, retailers and consumers.

A seismic shift in how consumers think about plastic is underway, with bio-based packaging materials set to be a key component to the next generation of responsible packaging. In 2019 and beyond, sustainability efforts will include not only improving access to recycling, but incentivizing consumers to recycle packaging and offering upcycled goods. At the same time, efforts to improve air pollution, support plant welfare, restore soil health and embrace regenerative agriculture will emerge as crucial elements of holistic sustainability programs that are important to companies and consumers alike.

Delivering, storage, brand marketing and final consumption are part of our concerns and mission at We have chosen limited plastic products, small scale production and smallest possible operations or short circuit efficient distribution to provide you best alternatives towards better consumption and natural ingredients directly available from QLD region primarily.

Our mission: Limiting health risk factors leading to diseases related to RDIs. It involves countering bad habits or affect positive changes while offering new life changing nutritional choices through self-experiments: distinctive product flavours, high quality offerings, superior health benefits, circular eating practices and food consumption care.