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ENEBBE Specialty Food Report – latest Food Business Review Dec 2020.

NEW YORK — The events of 2020 will largely shape how consumers eat and drink in 2021. As Americans continue to cope with the ongoing pandemic, racial unrest, and political and economic turmoil, brands and products promoting an elevated experience, positive social impact and immunity benefits will gain even greater relevance, according to the Specialty Food Association, which represents a $158.4 billion segment of the industry.  

“COVID-19 has a massive impact on trend predictions heading into 2021, as consumers cook and eat at home more, turning to everyday meals and special treats to comfort and support their mental and physical well-being,” said Denise Purcell, director of content for the Specialty Food Association. “We’re seeing several trends around experimenting with flavours and ingredients, as well as turning to functional or plant-based foods and twists on classic products to avoid menu fatigue.”

We would like to add that QLD has been innovative with specialty foods. However, finding or choosing alternatives around can be challenging. New brands or limited farmers production can be difficult to find unless venturing into gourmet shops, going into the regions, or being introduced through friends and family. It is a challenge to keep up with new trends and especially while Covid-19 not helping. Online solutions remain an effective way to discover and get specialty food ingredients/sauces delivered to you directly

Kicking up home cooking As consumers seek to replicate restaurant experiences at home, expect to see more gourmet condiments, cooking sauces and cocktail mixes. We have added Rosella salt, various smoked BBQ Bundaberg rum sauce and AU Explosion Salsa hot chilli dog-inspired condiment combining wild tomatoes or desert sourced. Restaurants also are offering meal kits and components for consumers to use at home. Our 4-STAR CHEF 100% locally sourced selections offer you a chance to bring new flavours/sauces into your cooking in an easy way (check out our COCONUT CHILLI SAUCE top range). Check out ‘El Gringo’ or Healthy organic/prebiotics recipes which cannot be replicated…except in your kitchen with our dedicated brands: such as Lang’s, CC’s Kitchen, Kehoe’s Kitchen and Queen Garnet nectar for healthy drinks option. Get yourself enlisted on our website to receive latest flavours offers!! So many options to choose from and discover new flavours from QLD farmers or specialty food partners.