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ENEBBE Specialty Food Report – Tropical superfoods Dec 2020.

Rosellas, also known as ‘wild hibiscus‘, are popular with foodies across Australia due to their unique tart flavour. The flower, which is blood red in colour, is common throughout parts of Queensland and northern Australia and popular amongst indigenous Australians. Rosella plant is native to northern parts of Africa.

The Rosella bush produces red edible calyxes that are high in vitamin C. They have a pleasant tart-sweet flavour that goes well in salads, jellies, red sauces, jams, cordials, syrups, fruit teas and wine.

Several enterprising Australian businesses harvest the wild hibiscus plants, turning the red flower-like calyx into an elegant addition to champagne or combining it with chocolate or with other superfoods to make health-promoting juices and nutritionally dense antioxidant complexes.

Antioxidant and inflammatory properties

Rosella’s health benefits mostly lie in its apparent ability to lower blood pressure and cholesterol and to assist with improving coughs and colds, due to its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. ‘I have even read that tea made from the calyx is anti-aging; what a shame that I didn’t know this decades ago!’

Its deep red colour certainly looks splendid and tastes delicious in teas, syrups, juices and jams, although I need some sugar to counter-act its tartness. The syrup or jelly is perfect as topping over vanilla icecream – a feast for the eyes even before you taste it!

If you are touring across the top (far north) of Australia by car do look out for hibiscus sabdariffa bushes growing by the roadside and for its jam and jellies in small local markets. We have plenty in the QLD region to offer you various product selections or delicious delights.

We recommend to use Rosella products free of artificial ingredients and preservatives.