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2021 QLD Tasty calling…ENEBBE next!! VC

Exploring QLD-area markets while looking for specialty locally sourced foods provided a full-time business for Frederic Folliard last year. He has been short listed for a role in the export sectors while contemplating joining the finance industry starting superannuation studies when the virus entered the country.

Four years prior, he was involved as a consultant to create a fizzy drink made primarily of a natural product called Rosella or wild hibiscus. Making such a complex product while working provided a full experience within the food industry – making recipes, production batch certification and final accreditation would prove an advantage.

“Being under restrictions or locked at home, it became difficult to look for jobs,” Mr. Folliard said. “Finding solutions or generating business wins is about what made me successful, thinking ahead became a reality while going through possible extended lockdown”.

A friend asked him what he was going to do facing the situation…he replied, going to create a brand and a business model. Then, a brainstorming session started with drinks. Core elements such as online commerce and a love for food came through which became brand values to be considered.

“At first, a project or entrepreneurial exercise to focus on but it became a whole branding development”. Fast enough with the help of a designer which ignited the creation of Enebbe and next, a digital stage with the build of supervised by a web agency. However, finalizing an online shop + delivery logistics, supplier selection and activating a media strategy did not happen in an instant…Further restrictions gave plenty of time to focus on marketing planning through June to October.

Upon website launch and a 4-STAR CHEF SELECTION, it was about time to have a new proposition and hit the market. Mr Folliard started pushing for brand recognition and collaboration offering Quality, Health and Sustainable products to the web. Selections provide product categories such as chutneys, jams, jelly, condiments with a twist. All the products are over 90% AU ingredients, made locally and distinctive or innovative with flavours or expertise. The idea is to break our food routine while offering convenience. People want more restaurant style cooking at home. Therefore, Enebbe platform will help finding delicious tastes with recipes, blog and organic thinking or lifestyle aspirations.

In December, a surprise first batch was sent overseas by sea freight. A range or full QLD locally sourced such as: Coconut Chili Sauce, Macadamia Ginger Chilli Satay Sauce, QLD Special Mustard, Mango Ginger Chutney, Spicy Rosella Jelly, Sugar Free Rosella Jams, Rosella Cordials, Organic dips or Grilled Capsicum Relish…and more which became a logistical nightmare on a short time to organise. All went well in the end to ensure overseas customers were able to buy AU specialty food for their end of year celebrations.

Going ahead, fulfilment operations are needed to avoid running all around Brisbane area for supplies to complete online orders daily. Also, joining entrepreneurship program through QLD Entrepreneur & Innovation will prove beneficial to grow the business for the coming year. Mr. Folliard wants to develop markets such as Japan and Korea to tap into the company’s expertise to increase brand awareness through ecommerce or unfold world cultural differences with attractive new flavours.

“We participated with careful collaborations and critical thinking all of 2020,” he said. “We had to create a brand, a new online offering. We had limited resources and community hardship to go through”.

Mr. Folliard also reached out numerous networks and groups (QLD entrepreneur aids) in a quest for cash to build out the business. The idea is to get a loan to fund a base or marketing deployment “to reach national level and overseas markets rapidly + product development” he said.

“It would be such a great honour to talk or get introduced to a VC or some type of aid that can take a stake but also support our mission and vision and what Enebbe can achieve in the food sector within online or digital ecommerce capabilities, just knowing how tough it can be to go through a bank”. Mr. Folliard said. “We know at that stage we are developing it all alone. We want to find the right partners to align with our love of the food, brand values and export mindset. It is going to require the help of a big player”.